Residential Doors

Your home has a unique style based on your needs, your aesthetic, and your budget. Let Aloha Overhead Doors help you pick out the perfect garage doors to suit that style. We will work with you to create your vision for your home and help guide you through our product selection. Have you already bought doors, and you just need them installed? We’re happy to work with what you’ve ordered and install them according to your specifications. You can depend on Aloha Overhead Doors for a timely, professional, and meticulous installation.

Residential Garage Door Styles

We offer a variety of styles that can help you create the perfect look and feel for your home. We offer garage doors from reputable manufacturers C.H.I. and Haas Door. Please note, Aloha Overhead Doors can install doors from any vendor, or if you have previously bought a door we can install it for you. Please be sure to contact us for a free estimate or guidance on the best door selection for your needs.

Check out some of the beautiful styles that can fit your home:

C.H.I. Garage Door Offerings

Aloha Overhead Door is proud to offer C.H.I.’s line of residential garage doors to suit nearly every homeowner’s preference for garage door styling. C.H.I. has become synonymous with quality fabrication. We know you’ll be happy with your C.H.I. garage doors. C.H.I. warranties all of their garage doors against defects. You can view garage door warranty information by visiting their C.H.I. warranty page.

Overlay Carriage House Doors

Carriage style doors are an amazing addition to any home. Carriage style garage doors are a classic and timeless style reminiscent of old carriage houses where horse-drawn carriages were kept. Unlike the carriage doors of the days past, made of mostly wood, C.H.I.’s carriage style garage doors are made of durable, long lasting materials. Polyurethane face boards with textured molds give the illusion of true wood — without the treating, pest problems, warping or aging that goes with it. Select your choice of color and hardware, and we’ll do the rest!

C.H.I. offers a variety of carriage house styles including flush carriage house, overlay carriage house, and more made in steel, wood, and fiberglass.

Full-View Aluminum

Full view garage doors are a dramatic look, but can fit any contemporary garage door. If you’re interested in giving your home a modern, industrial look, full view aluminum garage doors are the perfect blend of aluminum and glass to give you the look and feel you want.

Raised Panel Garage Doors

Raised panel garage doors are the seemingly “standard” garage door you most often see on residential homes. Raised panel doors can look great on any style home — which is why this style is so versatile. C.H.I. offers a variety of colors as well as faux styles such as mahogany or oak for you to select from. Choose your color and additional options for your raised panel garage door, and let us do the rest. Enjoy no insulation or fully insulated garage doors to help keep your utility bills low and your garage comfortable.

Residential Garage Door Panel Styles & Options

Our preferred manufacturer C.H.I. has a litany of style options for you to choose from, making your custom garage door selection easy. your home’s look and feel has never been easier with C.H.I.’s vast selection of colors, textures, panel styles, and hardware. Personalizing your garage door will only be as difficult as selecting what options you like the best!

Haas Door Garage Door Offerings

Another one of our preferred garage door vendors is Haas Door. Haas Door provides a range of styles and varieties for homeowners, including traditional look-and-feel doors. Haas Door offers insulated garage doors, aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, and more. Haas Door has a lot of offerings which allows you a great variety to choose from.

American Tradition Series

The American Tradition Series from Haas Door offers timeless beauty for both classic and contemporary style homes. These garage doors are made of 26-gauge galvanized steel and offer 15 insulated glass options, and 9 non-insulated glass options. Enjoy a variety of styles, sizes, and colors in both single and double door models. Select your own hardware and top panel styles as well. Learn more at Haas Door.

Aluminum 5000 Series

The insulated aluminum 5000 series offers 2” or 1-¾” thickness with full thermal break. These doors are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, allowing for durable and tough, long-lasting garage doors. Enjoy 41 different window options, and 4 panel options, along with two colors – white or almond. Learn more at Haas Door.

Residential Aluminum 360 Series

The residential aluminum 360 series boasts big, bold, and modern style while remaining rust and corrosion free. These garage doors are made of commercial-grade aluminum and offer 10 painted finish options, 13 powder coated wood grain color options, 3 anodized color options, 16 insulated glass options, and 13 non-insulated glazing options. These garage doors are long-lasting and perfect for a modern and contemporary style home. Learn more at Haas Door.

Insulated Steel 2000 Series

Enjoy a classic carriage-door look with these fully insulated garage doors. The insulated steel 2000 series are one of the most energy efficient garage doors on the market. These 2” thick galvanized steel doors will ensure that warm air stays in while cold air stays out, or vice versa, helping lower your electricity cost from heating or cooling your home. Available in 21 different colors with 9 panel options and 41 window options, we know you’ll love these doors… And their lifetime rust and delamination guarantee. Learn more at Haas Door.

Insulated Steel 700 Series

Add instant curb appeal to your home with the insulated steel 700 series. These garage doors are crafted with heavy gauge galvanized steel and embossed with an authentic-feeling wood grain. Enjoy energy efficiency and a beautiful exterior look and feel with 21 different color options, 9 panel options, and 47 window options. You’ll also love the lifetime rust and delamination guarantee provided by Haas Door on these garage doors. Learn more at Haas Door.

Insulated Steel 600 Series

The Insulated Steel 600 Series from Haas Door offers an amazingly durable door with the look and feel of real wood, without the warping, bloating, and splitting that go with it. Add beauty and value to your home with these 1-⅜” thick doors, available in 21 color options, 9 panel options, and 47 window options. Learn more at Haas Door.

2400 Series

The 2400 Series from Haas Door offers a low-maintenance, high quality garage door with a variety of options to choose from. You can enjoy the durability of 2” thick gauge galvanized steel along with a limited lifetime warranty from Haas Door. Choose from insulated or non-insulated, 6 color opens, 5 panel options, and 37 window options. Learn more at Haas Door.

2500 Series

The Steel 2500 Series from Haas Door offers an exceptional value for an insulated or non-insulated garage door. These 25 gauge galvanized steel garage doors are embossed with a natural wood grain. Choose from 6 color options, 4 panel options, and 37 window options. You can also choose decorative glass. These doors come with a limited lifetime warranty from Haas Door. Learn more at Haas Door.

Ready to get started? We want to help you select the best garage door for your home, and one that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate!