Commercial Loading Dock Equipment

Commercial loading dock with three bays

If your business has a loading dock, we know it’s important that your loading dock is in great physical condition to continue doing business seamlessly. We provide a variety of replacement parts and services for your loading dock equipment to keep it in prime working order. Aloha Overhead Doors is proud to offer installation and service, as well as preventative maintenance on your commercial loading docks in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Dock Plate Edges

Dock plate edges can come in the form of mechanical or hydraulic edges, which can help bridge the gap between the warehouse loading dock and truck trailers. These can provide easier loading ramps for pallet jacks and more to travel to and from the truck. These are also called “dock levelers”, and we are happy to install, as well as service, the preferred dock plate edge/dock leveler for your business.

Hydraulic Dock Plates

Hydraulic dock plates, like manual dock plates, can help bridge the gap between your warehouse and the truck pulling in. Hydraulic dock plates typically lift higher, are safer and stronger, and also require maintenance to ensure full functionality, especially after hard seasons like extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters. We are happy to help you with your hydraulic dock plate, whether you’d like one installed, or want to have your dock plate serviced.

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are just that – bumpers for your loading dock. Dock bumpers can come in a variety of sizes, and help to prevent vehicles from striking your loading dock or your business. Dock bumpers can help absorb shock from backing vehicles that get a little too close, which can keep your business’ structure in sound, safe order. We are happy to install dock bumpers to help prevent impact to your loading dock.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are important to keeping the elements out of your workplace. If you’re loading or unloading a truck on your loading dock, you may want to invest in a dock shelter. A dock shelter helps to seal off the rest of your warehouse or business from the outside elements, keeping out cold or hot air, rain, snow, and more, which can help your business retain energy efficiency without compromising in your loading dock efforts. Aloha Overhead Doors can install or service dock shelters for you.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your loading dock in working condition is important to daily operations for your commercial business. Preventative maintenance, provided on an annual contract, can help prevent problems before they happen. Just like having your furnace cleaned and serviced at home, we can help keep your loading dock in working order. When we perform preventative maintenance, we look at lubrication on all moving parts, check all of the welds for any signs of wear or tear that can cause a future issue, and clean out debris from under the leveler. These items can help keep your loading dock in working order for years to come, and locate issues before they cost you time and money.

If you’re ready to have your loading dock serviced or upgraded, contact Aloha Overhead Doors today!