Garage door repairs

Are you stuck with a broken garage door? Never fear! We can help you repair your garage door without breaking the bank. We tackle a variety of garage door repairs at a reasonable price.

Garage door won’t open

Blue garage door

A common garage door repair we fix is when a garage door won’t open. Whether it’s because the track is damaged, the motor has stopped working, your remote is unresponsive, or something else, we can help to diagnose the issue and give you a best estimate for a repair. We complete all repairs in a timely manner so you can get back to using your garage as intended!

Cracks, Gaps, & Weather Seal Issues

Cracking, gaps, and weather stripping/weather seal problems are common garage door repairs, especially in New England. All too often we’re aware of cold air blowing in through gaps and cracks in a broken garage door. Weather sealant/weather stripping that needs to be repaired can cause cold air, moisture, or even dust and dirt to blow into your garage door, wasting precious heat and costing you money. Whether your garage door needs to be repaired or reseated, we can repair most cracked or gapping garage doors and help make your home more efficient.

Noisy Garage Door

When you got your garage door, chances are it worked smoothly and near-silently. You may have noticed as your garage door has aged it has begun to get more and more noisy. If you’re experiencing a garage door noise, such as a squeaking or grinding, we can diagnose the issue and help bring your garage door back to like-new condition — no more noisy garage door to wake everyone in the house. Noisy garage doors are a common garage door repair, and we’re happy to help!

Garage Door Rust

Garage door rust on hinge

If you have a metal garage door, over time, oxidation can occur and rust can start to form. Rust can be unsightly if it shows on the outside, and if it gets really bad, it can compromise the integrity of your garage door. We can help you repair rust on garage doors, or make a best suggestion for replacement if the integrity of the door has been lost.

Garage door opens a little, then shuts, or garage door shuts a little, then opens

Garage door malfunctions are another common repair item for Aloha Overhead Doors. Garage door springs may be at fault, or your garage door photo-eye could be at fault. Whatever the issue may be, we can help diagnose your problem and come up with a garage door repair to fix the issue.

Other garage door repairs

White garage door

Cable problems, spring problems, or sensor problems can all attribute to your garage door having issues opening, closing, or functioning as normal. If you’re not sure what kind of garage door repair or garage door parts you need, we can help. Contact Aloha Overhead Doors today, tell us your issue, and we can make the best recommendation, or schedule to come to you and diagnose the problem.