Steel Entry Doors

Business steel entry door

Steel entry doors are usually used in commercial applications, but can also be used in residential applications if desired. The benefit of steel entry doors can’t be stated enough – steel entry doors are the most durable type of doors around, along with being more energy efficient than wooden doors. Steel entry doors are great for low-maintenance applications for exteriors, and can be provided in a variety of smooth or mock wood grain textures. They can also be painted in a variety of colors, and some styles even include glass. Steel entry doors are also quite affordable, with most styles ranging from $600 to $1,800.

Steel entry doors are perfect for property owners who have concern for building or home security, seeing as they are the most durable type of doors and thus tamper-resistant. Steel entry doors are increasingly difficult to pry open or kick in. These doors are also extremely hard to bend or warp, and resist rust and corrosion. When doors and windows are your weakest point of entry, bolstering those areas can help provide you with peace of mind towards the security of your home or business.

What are steel entry doors made of?

Steel Entry Door

Steel entry doors aren’t made of steel all the way through. Instead, most steel entry doors are made of 24 gauge steel covering a foam or wooden core. This helps to provide energy efficiency and keeps the door from becoming too heavy. Solid metal doors can be used for military or marine applications, but are generally not practical for residential home or commercial business applications.

Aloha Overhead Doors offers steel entry doors in standard sizes such as 32”, 36”, and 48”, but also offers custom sizes. Steel entry doors can be difficult to DIY given their heavier nature. Sometimes, jambs and door frames that previously supported a wooden door may not be strong enough to support a new steel door, so contacting a professional like Aloha Overhead Doors can help save you time, frustration, and money.

If you’re ready for a steel entry door installation in NH or MA, or you’d like an estimate, contact Aloha Overhead Doors today.